The right equipment for the flexibility to meet all your needs.........


Our extensive range of equipment for roller flattening, annealing, stretcher leveling, shearing, cutting, grinding, polishing, and shot blasting gives us specailty metals-producing capabilities few other mills can offer. From the time we cut the starting slab until we build the shipping crate to protect your order, the metal we process stays in-house, under our careful scrutiny and quality control systems. And this means we have the flexibility to provide you with the custom sizes, properties, and quantities of metals for the most demanding applications. Our processing capabilities include:


Hot Rolling: Maximum starting thickness is 5.75" with a maximum piece weight of 1000 pounds. Finished products will range from .025" to 2" thick, up to 48" wide and 150" inches long, depending on guage. Cross rolling (rolling in both longitudinal and transverse directions) is available resulting in superior properties and formability.


Cold Rolling: Our Mesta four-high cold rolling mill is capable of 6 million pounds of separating force, allowing us to provide finished thicknesses from .012" to .225". Finished, unsheared sheets can be up to 56" wide and 200" long.


Continuous Annealing: Our gas-fired roller hearth furnaces operate at temperatures from 1300°F to 2225°F. Water quenching is available.  Maximum capacity is 70" and maximum length is 24". Both bars and sheet/plate items can be annealed.


Atmosphere Box Annealing: Nitrogen-controlled atmosphere with temperatures closley controlled to a maximum 1800°F.


Batch Pickling: Includes tanks for Kolene-caustic soda, sulfuric acid, nitric/hydrofluric acid, and water rinses. Maximum lengths to 15' 6".


Descaling: Wheelbrating/shot blasting of plate, slab, billet, and bar products.


Roller Flattening: Gauges from .015" to 1.75" thick. Maximum width is 60" and maximum length is 190".


Stretcher Leveling: Gauges from .012" to .0350" thick depending upon alloy. Maximum width is 60" and maximum length is 190".


Shearing, Sawing, and Circle Punching: Thickness, width and length varies depending upon equipment employed. Please inquire about your specific requirements.


Polishing: Hand grinders are used to remove small surface imperfections. Belt grinders are available to polish sheet and plate up to 50" wide.


Conversion Services


We can supply custom conversion services ranging from small or experimental prototype work to full-scale production runs for ongoing processing of customer material at our mill. Volume processing of truckload quantities are performed for major mill customers through our rolling, annealing, and pickling facilities. We encourage our customers to observe firsthand the processing of their materials in our mill. We're ready, willing and able to meet your most demanding requirements for a wide range of applications. Contact us today.