Pittsburgh Flatroll Company® was founded in 1991 specifically as an alternative to large mill producers who were not meeting customers' specialty steel needs. Our original plant, a 250,000 square foot facility located on the shore of the Allegheny River, had a long tradition in Pittsburgh's steelmaking history during the years the mill was operated by Universal Cyclops and later, as Cytemp Specialty Steel. When the former owners decided to close the mill, we bought the facility, diversified the product lines and restructured the operations. Our concept was and continues to be a niche producer of hard to find specialty flatrolled products; an alternative to the massive continuous coil mills. Despite closing the original plant in 2000 during a sustained downturn in the aerospace market, that core concept remained.


Fast forward to present day, Pittsburgh Flatroll Company® is recognized and respected as a top supplier of high end, custom crafted specialty alloys. We employ a network of resources in all phases of production and are ISO 9001:2008 registered to ensure the products and services comply with international standards. The specialized mills Pittsburgh Flatroll Company® employs are known as hand mills. Using this equipment, we process metal one piece at a time.  Not only does this operational procedure enable us to do a top-quality job, it also gives Pittsburgh Flatroll Company® a tremendous advantage in flexibility over the big-volume mills that are geared towards very large production runs. We can easily make small quantities, odd sizes, difficult alloys and meet uncommon material specifications. Because we're not mass producing, we pay closer attention to details. We can detect problems early in the process and correct them quickly so they don't become your problems. For these reasons and more, Pittsburgh Flatroll Company® is your best resource for "Custom Crafted High Performance Alloys®".